Below are answers to many of the questions our guests have about Apex. If you need information beyond this, contact a party planner or the location you’re visiting.

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Visiting Apex
Parties and Events at Apex
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Visiting Apex

What are your hours? Down
Hours vary by location and are listed on this site’s Locations information. Note that some attractions are only available on select days. On occasion, a location may be closed for private events, so it’s wise to call ahead to verify hours.
When is the best day and time to visit? Down
Weekdays tend to be less crowded, but with our range of attractions and spaces you’ll likely find any time will work great for you.
Is there a general admission fee? Down
There is no general admission fee to enter our facility, but interacting with our attractions does require purchase of Apex cards.
How much do the attractions cost? Down
  • Bowling - Mon-Thu: $35 Fri-Sun: $45

  • Bumper Cars - $6

  • Hologate - $8

  • Laser Tag - $12

  • Sports Simulators - $25 for 30 mins, $48 for 1 hour, $8 club rental

  • Escape Rooms - $20
What forms of payment are accepted? Down
Apex Entertainment™ is a cash to card establishment. Customers who wish to use cash to make purchases at Apex Entertainment™ may load money onto a VISA debit card at one of our cash to card exchange kiosks on the Apex Entertainment™ premises. This allows customers to use their debit card at Apex Entertainment™ or anywhere else where VISA is accepted. Any money remaining on a debit card can be spent at Apex Entertainment™ on future visits or outside of Apex Entertainment™ (wherever such VISA is accepted). The debit cards are not reloadable. There are no transaction fees for loading money onto the debit card and there are no transaction fees for use of the debit card at Apex Entertainment™ (there may be fees imposed by other retailers not related to Apex Entertainment™).

Please note that all food and beverage transactions require a credit or debit card on file at the start of service.

For your convenience, 18% gratuity will be added to your total bill for parties of 8 or more.
What are the safety/age requirements for each attraction? Down
  • Bowling - Bowling shoes must be worn ($5), 6 people per lane

  • Bumper Cars - All participants must be at least 44 inches tall, max weight per person 275 lbs

  • Hologate - n/a

  • Laser Tag - Must be at least 42 inches tall

  • Sports Simulators - n/a

  • Escape Rooms - Up to 6 participants
Should I make reservations for attractions and the restaurant? Down
Attraction reservations are not required but recommended to make the most of your Apex experience. This is particularly true on weekends, holidays, and during school vacations; these are our busiest times and time slots can fill up quickly.

Reservations must be made online at least 24 hours in advance — same-day reservations are not available. We don’t take reservations over the phone.

Our sit-down restaurant is first come, first served. No reservations are necessary.
Is there a dress code? Down
There’s no specific dress code. However, closed-toed shoes are required for some attractions like go-karts or the ropes course. Sneakers are recommended, but not necessary.
Do your attractions have height or weight restrictions? Down
Yes. Weight and height restrictions for each attraction can be found here on our site in the information for each attraction.
Do you offer group discounts? Down
We do not offer group discounts. We can, however, make arrangements for special private parties or corporate events with options you select. Contact our sales team to learn more about these kinds of events.
Do you offer a military discount? Down
We proudly offer a 15% discount on all Apex attractions for active duty members of the military. Offer not valid toward food, beverage, Fun Passes, online reservations or events.
Are pets allowed? Down
We love pets, but due to health code restrictions, only documented service animals are allowed. If your pet is not a service animal, it’s not permitted in the building. Emotional support animals are not considered service animals.
Is Apex Entertainment a nut free facility? Down
YES! Apex Entertainment is a nut free facility.
Can I bring my own food or beverages? Down
Store-bought cakes or cupcakes for birthday parties are the only outside food allowed. Additionally, these cakes must be nut free and have a printed list of their ingredients. Homemade cakes and cupcakes are not allowed.
Do you sell gift cards? Down
Absolutely. Gift cards in denominations you choose can be purchased onsite at any location. These cards can be used at any Apex location.

Parties and Events at Apex

What is included in the birthday parties? Down
Our sales team can clarify all your party details, but there are some consistent guidelines.

All parties include your selected attractions, use of a private party area for 45 minutes, and the food or beverages that you choose. The party package also includes Apex-themed paper goods (tablecloth, plates, cups, and napkins). We also typically have a birthday decoration on the table.

If you have your own themed plates/napkins, please pass them along to your host at the very beginning of your party.
Can I decorate the party room if we have one? Down
We offer Apex-themed tablecloths, plates, cups and napkins. You’ll only have access to the party area for 45 minutes, and you can’t access it either before or afterwards. As such, we ask you to limit decorations to small items like a centerpiece or balloons.

NOTE: Our Virginia Beach location has specific rules on decorations. Please consult with your sales rep for specifics.
Can I bring my own food or beverages? Down
Store-bought cakes or cupcakes for birthday parties are the only outside food allowed. Additionally, these cakes must be nut free and have a printed list of their ingredients. Homemade cakes and cupcakes are not allowed.
Can parents participate in the birthday party activities and attractions? Down
Yes, but we ask that you include any participating parents in your guest count so we can staff accordingly.
What should parents of guests do during the party? Down
If children attending the party are 8 or older, we encourage their parents to enjoy the rest of Apex while the children enjoy the party with their friends.

If children are under 8, we ask for one parent to stay with their child.
My party will have lots of adults. How should I account for them? Down
We set up and charge for the attending children along with one or two supervising adults as the paid guests. Rooms are assigned based on the number of children with a few extra chairs available in each room. If you need to guarantee seating space, activities, and food for adults in the party or unanticipated guests, you will need to include them in the party package.
Am I able to add extra guests on the day of the party? Down
We can often add one or two unanticipated guests on the day of the party, but due to staffing requirements we cannot add any guests beyond that. Decisions on additional guests are based on availability and at the discretion of the local Apex team.
How should we account for younger siblings? Down
There is no extra charge for infants and toddlers at a party. However, these children must be accompanied at all times by an adult. Children older than toddlers should be included in your paid guest list.
When should we check in for the party? Down
We ask that you arrive no earlier than five minutes before your event’s scheduled starting time.
Can we add food for adults to our party plan? Down
Absolutely. We actually encourage extra adults for parties with children under age 8. Adding food for those adults can be arranged and is always appreciated by those parents. For parents attending the event for children over age 8, adults are welcome to take a table in our restaurant and order food and drinks during the party.

Working at Apex

Are you hiring? Down
Yes. We’re always looking for excellent candidates at all levels to join our exceptional team. Learn more about current openings at all our locations.
How old do you have to be to work at Apex? Down
Apex team members must be at least 16 years old with a valid worker’s permit.

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