Escape Rooms

Escape Rooms: Do you have what it takes to work together and escape from one of our 3 distinct Escape Rooms?! Working with up to 6 players, you must solve puzzles, figure out riddles, and race against the 30- or 60-minute clock to stop a disaster. Journey deep under the sea on a submarine, test your skills as a spy, or step into the midst of naval adventure!

RIMOR Corporation

During the Cold War, the Multinational RIMOR Corporation was in the process of building covert research facilities, military equipment in a plot to take over the world. At the time, somehow their devious plot was leaked by an insider and their plot was disrupted and the world was saved. Fast forward to present day, a recent radio frequency was picked up on the coastline and your team has been sent in to investigate. RIMOR Corporation’s OMEGA Station, is still operational and is attempting to re-ignite the devious plan of its predecessors. Move quickly as your team will only have 45 minutes to disrupt its plans once again and destroy RIMOR for good.

Cost = $20 per person

VORTO Submarines


Welcome aboard the VORTO Submarine! As our lucky research assistants, you’ve been granted special permission to come aboard our maiden voyage. Your research on marine life will have unprecedented access to areas of the underwater world rarely explored by humankind. Unfortunately, these waters are known to be frequented by pirates and several instances have been reported. Your team is about to become the next victim.Your mission is to help the VORTO Submarine Crew break free of capture. You will have 45 minutes to do so, Good Luck.

Cost = $20 per person



The highly experimental HIVE Ship IMPERATOR has gone rogue! It’s Artificial Intelligence, TWILIGHT MASS has decided to run one of its simulations in REAL LIFE! Your team of espionage officers have gained access and covertly boarded the ship with the task of overriding its controls and stopping TWILIGHT MASS from obliterating its targets, costing thousands of innocent lives. Director IRA will offer insight and directions as you move through this multi-room experience. Your team will have 60 minutes to override TWILIGHT MASS before time is up. Move quickly and good luck.

Cost = $40 per person


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