Apex Cares

Apex Entertainment sympathizes to all that have missed out on a graduation or a birthday. During the month of August, we would love to see you again and ask all grad and birthday boys and girls to send in a photo and description of what you missed most during the shutdown. 

How about a picture dressed up in Cap and Gown, bake a Bowling Ball Birthday Cake or come up with your own creative display.  We will rotate pictures received on our Social Media sites.

We will choose the top 3 for Prizes of a $500 Gift Card, $250 Gift Card and $100 Gift Card.  All entries will receive a $10 coupon to the Arcade. 



Through our Apex Cares campaign, we give back to our communities by donating anything from coats to canned goods. If you are interested in Apex Cares or community donations, please email us at infosyr@apexentertainment.com.



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