Super Smash Brothers Ultimate Tournament



Join us for Apex Entertainment’s first-ever Super Smash Brother’s Ultimate tournament and an all-day Fortnite Leaderboard contest. The newest installment to the gaming sensation that has captivated audiences since 1999, Super Smash Brother’s Ultimate is coming to Apex! Enjoy single-elimination tournaments for groups of 8 to 32 per station and compete for prizes all day!

While you wait for your next Smash game jump off the battle bus, find your favorite gun and build your way to the top at one of our Fortnite stations. Play in a single-player, squad or duo and snag some amazing loot for finishing first throughout the day.

Don’t forget to chug down some free Red Bulls and chow down on pizza, chicken tenders, and fries from Apex’s delicious catering menu. With tickets only being $20, you better get your tickets early before they are all sold out! Go to to buy your tickets today!

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