Escape Rooms

 $20 for a 30-minute session, per person*


Zombie Research Lab

This isn’t your typical zombie outbreak. The Zombyte virus is infecting mechanically enhanced humans to create a horde of robo-zombie creatures. Your team of scientists is trapped in a lab with a simple goal: find a cure. 

All other research facilities are infected or unresponsive, so it’s up to you. Isolate the virus, formulate the antivirus, access the global mainframe, and upload it to the grid. It seems simple enough, but an infected horde is closing in on your location, so the pressure is on!



You and the other passengers are thrilled to embark on a submarine adventure to exotic locales around the world. During your private tour of the bridge, the jovial captain calls on the video monitor to welcome you. His joy quickly turns to frustration as one of the systems malfunctions. 

His frustration then turns to fear as he realizes his first mate is locked outside the bridge, unable to initiate the safety sequence. Now it’s up to you and your fellow passengers to close all the water-tight doors on the submarine. 

If you fail, the vessel will take on freezing cold water and sink to the bottom of the ocean. The freezing water has already cut off communication with the captain, so you’re on your own. 

The clock is ticking. Work together and seal the doors before your vessel is claimed by the ocean.

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